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B-esta is a brand of body fillers based on hyaluronic acid by BNC Global Co. The series is represented by two products B-esta 10 Body Filler and B-esta 50 Body Filler. Subcutaneous injection of the fillers promotes volumerization of the desired areas. Since the products have an optimal viscosity, it enables the specialist to easily re-shape the selected area, providing the most natural looking silhouette. The effect of fillers lasts up to two years, and the results of injections become visible immediately after treatment.

B-esta是BNC全球有限公司以透明质酸为基础的身体填充剂品牌。该系列包括B-esta 10身体填充剂和B-esta 50身体填充剂两种产品。 皮下注射的填充剂促进了所需区域的填充。 由于产品具有最佳的粘度,它确保医生能够轻松地重塑治疗区域,提供最自然的外观轮廓。 填充剂的效果可以持续两年,注射的效果在治疗后立即可见。

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