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Jetema Co., Ltd.

Jetema Co., Ltd. is a South Korean company, specialized on the production of cosmetological items and devices. Even the name of the company, which means “investigation”, mirrors the scientific approach of the concern to the design of beauty remedies. The company production is represented by wide range of products, including home care, series of items for mesotherapy Vittén Hydro, a brand of threads Epiticon Original, botulinum toxin type A - The toxin, as well as the most familiar brands of dermal hyaluronic acid fillers - e.p.t.q. and StarFill. These fillers are manufactured with application of unique “Zero Endotoxin and BDDE All Treatment” (ZEEP) technology, allowing to reach the best mertics of product purity among the other existing fillers on the beauty market. It guarantees safety of cosmetological procedures and almost zero risk of side effects.

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