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Zerotox 100 UI

100 ui

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    Zerotox 100 UI is a highly pure injectable botulinum toxin type A, designed to target moderate to severe wrinkles on the face, as well as other medical and aesthetic conditions. The toxin works by temporarily blocking muscle contractions, smoothing out lines and wrinkles. It is also widely used to stop the contractions of the Trapezius muscle, reducing head, shoulder, and neck pain. True to its “Zero” philosophy, the Zerotox 100 UI provides unmatched purity of over 99%. The product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and has displayed consistent potency ranging between 87% and 115%. Zerotox 100 UI has gained recognition for its effectiveness and high patient tolerance, and is known as a versatile and trustworthy treatment. 

    Benefits of Zerotox 100 UI: 

    • the high purity level of Zerotox was tested through Size Exclusion Chromatography High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (SEC-HPLC) analysis to ensures safe
    • treatments, minimizing the risk of patient intolerance
    • the injections give long-lasting results of up to 6 months, which are visible several days after the procedure
    • the product comes in the form of a powder, and has an easy and quick preparation process through adding saline

    Scope of Zerotox 100 UI:

    • skin rejuvenation
    • smoothing of medium to severe wrinkles
    • fixing of Masseter Hypertrophy
    • improving the appearance of platysmal bands
    • reducing shoulder and neck pain through Trapezius Muscle injections (TrapTox)




    Clostridium botulinum toxin type A

    Czas działania leku

    6 miesięcy

    Głębokość wprowadzenia

    Intramuscular injection


    1 fiolka

    Obszar zastosowania


    Wskazania do zastosowania

    lwia zmarszczka,lwia zmarszczka,zmarszczki marionetki,fałdowanie podbródka,zmarszczki mimiczne na czole oraz lwia zmarszczka,zmarszczki mimiczne,średnio wyraźne zmarszczki i fałdy,zmarszczki wokół oczu


    Zerotox 100 UI is not suitable for independent use and can be used only by qualified specialists. The product is not recommended for patients with intolerance to any of the ingredients.


    Double J Holdings Co., Ltd., South Korea

    Zerotox 100 UI is a 99%+ pure injectable botulinum toxin designed to rejuvenate the skin, smooth medium to severe wrinkles, and improve the appearance of platysmal bands.

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