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Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd.

Pharma Research Products Co., Ltd. has been existing since 1993, and is engaged in manufacturing of professional and home care cosmetics. The special attention of the manufacturer lies in the development of fillers based on hyaluronic acid (HA). Today, the most wide-spread products of the company are injectable solutions of Rejuran brand. These dermal fillers are unique because of the combination of HA and polyribonucleotides, rendering the complex restoring effect on skin. The second popular brand of the company is Cleviel. It is the only HA filler in the world with 50 mg/ml concentration of HA in composition. The company has elaborated a special 4L technology of HA polymerization in order to synthesize the product and reach an absolute homogeneity of the solution, on 100% consisted from cross-linked HA.

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