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Daehan New Pharm Co., Ltd.

The Daehan New Pharm Co., Ltd. was established nearly four decades ago, in 1984, and was initially concentrated on the design of therapeutic remedies. Later, the company drew its focus towards development of cosmetological products. The Daehan New Pharm Co., Ltd. pays a huge attention to the creation of products based on antioxidants, vitamins and glutathione. Now the most popular brands of the company are Cindella, Luthione and Vitamin C. These solutions are the vital assistants in restoration of antioxidant protection of the organism and detox, as well as in general recovery, rejuvenation, elimination of undesired pigmentation and improvement of skin state. Besides this, the company is familiar by the trademarks of lipolytics - Kick-start, the product based on hyaluronidase - Liporase, and vitamin complex for IV-therapy - B-Brain Healthy.

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