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Caregen Co., Ltd.

Caragen Co., Ltd. is one of the most familiar South Korean companies on a world market. The manufacturer is specialized on a search and development of items, containing peptide components. Since the moment of the company establishment in 2001, the employees of Caragen Co., Ltd. discover more than six hundreds biologically active peptides, that were eventually incorporated in the composition of numerous cosmetological goods and pharmacological products. The most famous brands, created by the company are the series of dermal fillers Revofil, Revofil Aquashine, Prostrolane, Dermaheal, Dermaheal PTx, and CG Styler 600; the brand of hair-loss treatment remedies Dr CYJ, the trademark of body contouring products Inner-D, as well as cosmeceuticals Purilux и Pim-Pim-Paul.

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