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BioPlus Co., Ltd.

BioPlus Co., Ltd. became one of first South Korean BMC : “Bio-Beauty, Medical, Cosmetic” companies. High notoriety of the concern was reached by the development of unique MDM technology of filler production. It implies three main steps: 1) MBMT™ (Micro Bead Monophasic technology) - synthesis of homogenic monophasic filler; 2) DMCT™
(Divinyl sulfone multi-crosslink technology) - completion of hyaluronic acid molecules cross-linking and formation of final polymerized product, and 3) MDAP™ (Multiple Degree Amphiphilic Purification) - many-staged purification for elimination of any traces of cross-linking agents. Using this innovation technique, such brands of highly effective hyaluronic fillers were established: HyalDew, DeneB Classic, Stilea, 3-Senses, IPCHE the Premium, Bio+ Dew, and SkinPlus – HYAL. In addition, the company is actively developing medicinal equipment as well as specialized on the design of mesotherapeutic products (Kiara Reju, Slim Slimmer, LumiDew, JuveniHill, Bello, La Bella).

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