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Yvoire is a trademark of hyaluronic fillers by LG Life Science Inc. The brand is represented by three products of different density: Yvoire Classic, Yvoire Contour Plus, and Yvoire Volume Plus for introduction to the upper and mid-dermis (Classic), and deep dermal layer (Contour Plus and Volume Plus). The general effect of all hyaluronic fillers is skin moisturizing and restoration of its elasticity. The main difference in the application of these products lies in the correction of mimic and gravity wrinkles of different degree of manifestation: from the finest lines with Yvoire Classic up to more profound one with application of Yvoire Contour Plus and Yvoire Volume Plus. The fillers for introduction to the deep dermal layer might be also applied subcutaneously for contouring and remodeling of nose, chin and jaw line shape.

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