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VNS is a new generation lipolytic by Cosmoderma, Inc. This injectable product consists of lecithine, papain, and essense of centella asiatica, that improve fat metabolism by its effective cleavage, enhance blood circulation for accelerated delivery of fatty acids to mitochondria, where they could be used as an energy source, and promote easier elimination of metabolites from the body. Thus, the injections result in the safe transformation of excessive fat tissue to the energetic equivalents that might be used by our body for other vital processes. The key benefit of the product is not only its high efficiency, but also a low invasiveness in contrast to lipoplasty, almost complete painless, and lack of swelling after injections that entirely eliminate the need for recovery period. The product might be injected to such areas of face and body, as cheeks, chin, forearms, belly, hips, thighs and buttocks.

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