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Sosum is a brand of dermal fillers by JSBIO Co., Ltd. This series represents hyaluronic fillers of hybrid structure that demonstrate homogeneity and viscosity of monophasic texture and elasticity of biphasic solution. In total, there are five products in the brand: two fillers indicated for the injections to the upper dermal layer - Sosum-S for elaboration of fine lines and introduction to the lips' area, and Sosum Soft for deep moisturizing and elimination of fine mimic wrinkles; filler Sosum-M that should be administered to the mid-dermis for elimination of middle-pronounced wrinkles and diminishment of nasolabial folds; as well as two products for the introduction subcutaneously and to the deep dermal layer - Sosum-H for management of deep wrinkles and non-surgical correction of nose and chin shape, and Sosum Hard for the face contouring. During the design of this series, the company grounded on the more than a decade experience of scientists and professionals in the cosmetological business, in order to create safe, effective and easy to use products.

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