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Snow Flower Bloom

Snow Flower Bloom is an injectable rejuvenating and recovering product by YooYoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Composition of the product combines three potent components - hyaluronic acid, glutathione and polyribonucleotides (PRDN). Such a unique formula gives an opportunity for concurrent regulation of several cellular processes, providing deep moisturizing of skin, stimulating the regeneration and high activity of fibroblasts as well as decreasing the synthesis of melanin which causes the formation of pigment spots. Thus, the main effects of injections will be significant improvement of skin state and density, bleaching and flattering of face tone, contraction of pores and decrease in the brightness of post acne spots, elimination of wrinkles as well as general skin lifting. The additional effects from the procedures will be antioxidant protection of skin from free radicals and active oxygen species, as well as prevention of photo-aging.

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