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Revofil Aquashine

Revofil Aquashine is a series of products especially developed by Caragen Co., Ltd. for biorevitalization. The brand is represented by three products: Aquashine Soft, Aquashine Soft BR, and Aquashine PTx for thorough elaboration of face skin imperfections. The composition of the biorevitalizants is rich with minerals and vitamins. To make the texture of the solution lighter and more fluid, the concentration of the hyaluronic acid in the products was considered to be 15 mg/ml. To increase the efficiency of the procedures greatly, the fillers were enriched by numerous biomimetic peptides. Using these products it is possible to flatten the skin tone, deeply moisturize and restore skin elasticity (Aquashine soft), provide whitening of pigment spots, regulate sebum production, correct age-related skin changes, ensure skin protection from photo-aging and manage the Rosacea (Aquashine soft BR), contract pore sizes, carry out skin lifting, improve blood vessels condition as well as diminish the manifestation of scars and pigment spots (Aquashine PTx).

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