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Revofil is a brand of injectable fillers by Caregen Co., Ltd. The uniqueness of the brand products lies in the combination of hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides in one composition. Such a cocktail provides double action of the fillers - moisturizing via hyaluronic acid, as well as restoration and regeneration of skin by short peptide fragments. It was proved that constituents of the fillers are able to inhibit activity of an intracellular enzyme, that degrades hyaluronic acid, providing long, up to 18 months, effect from the injections. Moreover, administration of the fillers has potent antioxidant effect on skin that is necessary during the everyday collision with aggressive environmental factors. The series is represented by three products: Revofil Fine, Revofil Plus, and Revofil Ultra, established to carry out correction of different level of sophistication.

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