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Rejeunesse is a series of injectable fillers by NEWMEDIC Co., Ltd. In 2015 the company for the first time established the brand of hyaluronic fillers, consists of four products: Rejeunesse Sparkle, Rejeunesse Fine, Rejeunesse Deep, and Rejeunesse Shape. Created based on hyaluronic acid of the highest quality provided by Shiseido, these products are indicated for significant rejuvenation and recovery of face skin, biorevitalization, elimination of signs of aging, lips augmentation as well as non-surgical correction of certain areas and face oval. The products are created for different types of injections: from superficial and upper dermal layers (Rejeunesse Sparkle, Rejeunesse Fine) up to the deep dermis (Rejeunesse Deep) and subcutaneous administration (Rejeunesse Shape). The special manufacturing technology called UPHEC guarantees homogeneity and high purity of solution because of the many-staged purification protocol.

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