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Regenovue is a series of hyaluronic fillers from one of the biggest South Korean companies, NeoGenesis Co., Ltd. The brand is represented by many products, including Regenovue Aquashine, Regenovue Fine, Regenovue Fine Plus, Regenovue Deep, Regenovue Deep Plus, Regenovue Sub-Q, and Regenovue Sub-Q Plus, allowing to accurately choose the most suitable product for certain cosmetological issue. All the fillers from the series are manufactured based on extra pure hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin that guarantees safety of injections. Because of modern synthesis technologies, the manufacturers can manage the depth of hylauornic acid polymerization and obtain the products of different viscosity indicated for a huge spectrum of procedures, including biorevitalization, correction of mimic and gravity wrinkles, restoration of volumes on face along with low-invasive correction of face shape and contouring.

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