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Dermaheal PTx

Dermaheal PTx is a brand of products by South Korean company Caragen Co., Ltd. The series contains five products Dermaheal PTx Platinum HSR, Dermaheal PTx Platinum SR, Dermaheal PTx Platinum HL, Dermaheal PTx Platinum SB, and Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL. The products of the brand possess advanced formula and contain botulinum-like peptide toxin Ptx, which renders the rejuvenating and lifting effects. The presented solutions have different indications, including management of excessive fat tissue (Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL), skin brightening and elimination of pigment spots (Dermaheal PTx Platinum SB), stimulation of hair growth and treatment of alopecia (Dermaheal PTx Platinum HL), skin revitalizing and management of first age-related changes (Dermaheal PTx Platinum SR), as well as anti-age therapy (Dermaheal PTx Platinum HSR).

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