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DeneB is a brand of injectable products based on hyaluronic acid by BioPlus Co., Ltd. The series is represented by two products: DeneB Classic-H, and DeneB Classic-S, indicated for the breast and buttocks augmentation. The main feature of the products is application of the special tree-elemental MDM technology during the synthesis, including 1) Micro Bead Monophasic Technology, allowing to reach monophasic product structure, 2) Divinyl sulfone Multi-Crosslink Technology, applied for the creation of optimal number of cross-links between hyaluronic acid molecules and formation of the solution with certain viscosity and cohesiveness, and 3) Multiple Degree Amphiphilic Purification - a purification technique, that guarantees complete elimination of the toxins and cross-linking agents in the composition and ensuring the safety and hypoallergenicity of the solutions.

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