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Chaeum Premium

Chaeum Premium is a novel brand of hyaluronic acid fillers by Hugel Pharma Co., Ltd. The series is represented by four products: Chaeum Premium 1, Chaeum Premium 2, Chaeum Premium 3 и Chaeum Premium 4, characterized by different degree of hyaluronic acid polymerization in the composition. Chaeum Premium 1 is the best works during the superficial and mid-dermis injections and eliminates fine lines. Chaeum Premium 2 is administered into the middle dermal layer for the correction of the more pronounced age-related skin changes. Chaeum Premium 3 is applying for the injections to the middle and deep dermal layers for elimination of the deepest wrinkles and folds. Chaeum Premium 4 is introduced to the deepest dermal layers for non-surgical correction of the face, chin and nose shape.

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