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Curenex Intense Glow & Shine

5 x 5 ml

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    Curenex Intense Glow & Shine is a product for rejuvenation of the face and neck skin. This dermal booster combines five main active components: polyribonucleotides, hyaluronic acid, multipeptides, glutathione and collagen. Each of these compounds are natural components of the cellular and intercellular matrix and can effectively participate in human cell metabolism. Polyribonucleotides increase the proliferation of skin fibroblasts and stimulate the production of elastin - the protein responsible for skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid binds water molecules and removes dryness. Multipeptides effectively participate in the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. Collagen is incorporated into the intercellular matrix, improving the elastic properties of the dermis, while glutathione is essential for whitening of skin and evening the tone. Thus, the introduction of the product provides a comprehensive improvement of the condition of the face and neck skin and restores youthfulness and radiance of the skin for a long time.

    Benefits of Curenex Intense Glow & Shine: 

    • the effect of the product is partially similar to botulinum toxin, since some of the ingredients promote deep relaxation of facial muscles and smoothing of mimic and gravitational wrinkles
    • all the ingredients of the product represent natural compounds which are efficiently embedded in the metabolic processes of the dermis cells, helping to speed up skin regeneration processes
    • the effects of the injections become visible right after the first treatment
    • can be applied as an individual product or combined with injections of monomeric hyaluronic acid for targeted treatment of certain face areas
    • the components of the product accelerate the degradation of dead skin cells, resulting in improved regeneration of the skin and more rapid and effective rejuvenation
    • safe to use and approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA)

    Scope of Curenex Intense Glow & Shine:

    • skin dryness
    • pronounced signs of age-related skin changes
    • elimination of post-acne scars 
    • flattering of skin tone and skin whitening 
    • elimination of fine lines on face and neck 
    • restoration of skin tension and elasticity 
    • elimination of skin hyperpigmentation
    • improvement of collagenogenesis in skin fibroblasts 
    • face mesotherapy




    Polynucleotides (PRDN), Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione, Collagen, Biomimetic Peptides

    Period of biodegradation

    up to 12 months


    Manufacturing of multicomponent mesotherapeutic products

    Depth of introduction

    superficial dermal layer


    5 ampoules


    5.0 ml

    Needle size


    Product type

    mesotherapy cocktail,skin booster

    Application zone

    cheekbone,cheeks,eye area,face,forehead,fullface,lower face,neck,superficial dermal layer

    Indications for use

    collagen synthesis stimulation,crow's feet wrinkles,dehydrated skin,dryness,enlarged pores,fine lines,loss of elasticity,mesotherapy,mimic wrinkles,moisturization,periorbital area,pigmentation,skin flattering,skin moisturization,toneless face colour,uneven skin tone,Venus rings


    The product is not suitable for independent use, has contraindications and can be used only by a qualified cosmetologist.


    K-derma, South Korea

    Multicomponent booster Curenex Intense Glow & Shine for rejuvenation, whitening, firming and nourishing of face and neck skin.

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