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Laennec Human Placenta Injection

50 ampoules x 2.0 ml per pack

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    Laennec injection

    Laennec Human Placenta is a hydrolyzate of the human placenta with a unique composition: low molecular weight peptides, micro- and macroelements, vitamins. The medicine has a reparative and hepatoprotective effect that allows to treat chronic recurrent herpes, severe atopic dermatitis and steatohepatitis. Laennec injection is carried out in accordance with Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturing and GMP standards that demonstrate the highest quality and safety in use.

    Benefits of Laennec injection:

    • absence of side effects, practical harmlessness and oncological safety

    • enhancing the antioxidant functions of the liver

    • more than 300 components providing a rich clinical effect

    • authentic human DNA

    • increased vitality, efficiency and sexual activity

    Scope of  Laennec Human Placenta:     

    • rejuvenation of the body and improvement of the quality of human skin

    • dermatological diseases

    • treatment of chronic liver diseases

    • immunodeficiency

    • hormonal disbalance

    • alcohol intoxication




    Cytokines, amino acids, nucleosides, nucleotides, peptide DNEA, glycosaminoglycans, macronutrients N, P, C, S, Na, Mg, Ca, K, trace elements Zn, Br, Si, Fe, Mn, Sc, Se, Cr, V, Cu , Li, B, Co, vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, D, PP


    Proprietary technology of conversion of the human placenta for Laennec allows to achieve the effect of natural rejuvenation and restoration of the natural balance of organs and systems achieving the aesthetic and general tonic effect of the whole organism.


    50 ampoules x 2 ml per pack

    Product type

    mesotherapy cocktail

    Application zone


    Indications for use

    collagen synthesis stimulation,mesotheraphy,skin cell regeneration,toneless face colour,uneven skin tone


    The product is not suitable for independent use, has contraindications and can be used only by a qualified cosmetologist.


    Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., Japan

    Laennec Inj. - innovative medicinal original injectable medicine produced from the human placenta is a powerful bio revitalizant and biostimulant. Due to its natural origin, it has no side effects or allergic reactions.

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